I started Diamond Teese's Burlesque class as a bit of fun with a group of friends, 3 months ago and have been hooked ever since !!!

The classes are so much fun, Diamond Teese makes the art of Burlesque addictive, interesting and achievable. Ms Teese' warm approach makes a welcoming and supportive environment, where friends are quickly made and you are made to feel at ease, both with your peers and more importantly with yourself.

As a teacher i've found her to be both motivating and inspirational. Her passion and knowledge of Burlesque is completely infectious and when asked if I would perform at a Pole-Fit showcase, i jumped at the chance. Even not having a dance background did not deter me from performing, as her choreography, as well as her teaching is amazing. The level of support she gave us in rehearsals and on the day made the daunting task of performing to an audience both exciting and exhilarating, -a massive sense of achievement all round!!!!

Diamond Teese the performer can be summed up in one word..... WOW!!!!!!!!!!

I love every single minute of attending my Burlesque class and since performing at the show case I can't wait to perform again. Ms Teese and her amazing classes have increased my confidence, esp body confidence and I am proud to say i am now completely addicted to anything Burlesque, including corsets and nylon. ;)))


OmG!!!......1st Burlesque class lastnite......i AbSoLuTeLy lOOoOOoOoved it & cant waaaaaait until next week..iTs AcE!!....Bring iT On!!......''da da da...da da da''........Way'd da gO Diamond Teese....MwAh X :))))


I started burlesque about four months ago as a friend suggested that I give it a try. I admit I didn’t know a lot about burlesque before, and I would definitely not class myself as being extrovert or as a good dancer, so I really was not sure how I would find it. I went along with a friend and from the beginning we had a great time. Diamond made us feel at ease and her fun way of teaching made the classes so addictive. She explained all about the history of burlesque and described the feelings behind each move we tried and, as a result, I have developed a real passion and love for burlesque. During the classes I have created my own character and have had fun bring ‘candy kiss’ out in the different dances we have done. I adore the music and enjoy learning how to be seductive in removing gloves, stockings and playing with fans and tassels. I have gained so much confidence in performing and have even decided to take part in the burlesque dance in a show in June!!! I would advise anyone, any age, shape, or size, to give it a try; you meet lots of lovely people and get to unleash a side of you you might have not known was there :)

Diamond Teese’s Burlesque 
I started going to Miss Teese’s classes after I saw a video on facebook of a performance done by the class she had been teaching at the time. It drew me in, I have always been curious about burlesque and never really dared to explore it before. I think the thing that drew me to it initially was the style, the corsets, stockings, gloves and the general glamour it displays. I love the showgirl style, Moulin Rouge and Chicago are like other worlds to me, something I thought I would never be capable of but always captivated by. 
I got all corseted up for my first class and was nervous as I was going alone, everyone else seemed to be there with a friend but I didn’t let this put me off, I like a challenge! Diamond is a lovely teacher, fun, friendly and open. Her classes are always a giggle, you feel free to just try something without facing harsh criticism but being given plenty of encouragement and support. She is full of handy hints and tips, she knows the angles and positions that make you look your best, showing off your best assets! She demonstrates everything and always gives a choice of new things to play around with, so you can find your own burlesque style. She emphasises that everyone has something different they can bring to a performance and encourages you to step away from the ‘everyday you’, embrace your inner sexiness and draw out the part of you that is burlesque. In the first lesson she gets you to start to think about a name, which is a great as it really gets you thinking about a character, a side of you that you want to show off to the world that you can’t in normal situations. Unfortunately, I still haven’t found my name, this is something that I honestly struggle with, I’ve always kind of pushed my sexuality and sensuality down, letting go of my inhibitions and displaying the part of my personality that is rarely seen has been hard but after just 4 classes I feel like I’m starting to show that off a bit more and this is all thanks to Diamond Teese. It’s spilling over into my everyday life too, giving me confidence to glam up and feel sexy, just because I want to, because I enjoy it. I find myself walking taller and feeling generally good about myself! I am beautiful, I am a woman and here I am!! I didn’t expect it to have that effect on me at all, I just thought it would be fun to try! 
I love classes and have put my name down to be in the group performance in the Pole Fit Show in June, I cannot wait! I don’t really know where, if anywhere, I will take this, I like the idea of putting together my own routines and performing solo but I think that is a way off for me yet. I have seen Diamond Teese perform, she makes it look like so much fun, like she really enjoys what she’s doing and wants the audience to enjoy it even more! She’s definitely a crowd pleaser, I’d quite like to experience that myself.
Hayley Humphreys