Cherry grew up watching all the old films with her grandmother.
Seeing all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood legends such as Jane Russel, Rita Hayworth and Katherine Hepburn, made Cherry want to be one of the fancy women on stage. Cherry began by reading books, watching more films and creating props and outfits. This sparked a fascination in Burlesque. Burly beauties like Tempest Storm, Blaze Starr and Jennie Lee were the biggest influence.  After taking Burlesque classes with Miss Diamond Teesse...................

Miss Cherry Wiggle’ was born.

Cherry was immediately notice and asked to perform by Diamond. The passion and confidence shone through and soon Cherry became a regular performer with Diamond Teese Burlesque and teacher training soon followed.

Diamond says- ‘I am thrilled that Cherry wanted to teach, it’s a mutual passion and her attitude is inspiring to students and other performers alike. Cherry is adaptable to classic and Neo and a natural teacher. Her performances are always fun, quirky and creative and leave me with a smile.

Cherry Says- ‘I LOVE performing, it makes me feel amazing, a massive high. I love love love it. I was thrilled and honoured that I was asked to teach I am so passionate about it and I can’t imagine Burlesque not being in my life.

Diamondteese classes bring dance and seduction together. Encouraging self-esteem, our classes are fun for all ages, shapes and sizes. From walks, poses and sensual movement the class are fun, flirty and friendly.. every routine can be easily taken to practice at home and even on your partner!!!!!