Miss Ella Demure has always thought she was born in the wrong era. Her love of the 1950’s stemmed from seeing photographs of her beloved grandmother and grandfather’s marriage. Everything seemed so simple and elegant and this is a style that Ella developed into her teens . Ella fantasised about being Marilyn Monroe and having James dean on her arm.

The 50’s style, love of the music and black and white movies, mixed with a touch of Hollywood glamour naturally progressed in to the art of burlesque, encompassing everything she loves. Ella found Diamond Teese Burlesque and from her first lesson she was hooked. Each week she progressed and grew more confident, furthering her passion. Diamond noticed Ella immediately and encouraged her to progress and learn more about her craft.

Ella says- ‘When I first performed it was a buzz, there was nothing else that could make me feel that way. The nerves just left as soon as I stepped on stage and the excitement took over, I felt a massive high. When Diamond asked me to teach I was surprised and flattered, I couldn’t wait to share my passion with other women’.

Diamond says- Ella was noticed from the second she walked in the room, she is a natural starlet and oozes the sex and glamour of the golden age. Ella is a natural performer and her passion and enthusiasm is infectious. I am excited she has joined the teaching team and cannot wait for her to show the world her passion.

Diamondteese classes bring dance and seduction together. Encouraging self-esteem, our classes are fun for all ages, shapes and sizes. From walks, poses and sensual movement the class are fun, flirty and friendly.. every routine can be easily taken to practice at home and even on your partner!!!!!